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Supported Programs at

George Brown College, Canada


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Skilled Trade

Plumbing, Electrical Works, Carpentry and Wood Works etc. 


Health Administration, Health Information Management etc.

What you should know

We Will Provide you with Premium Support Althrough the Process

From loan and admission application, to approval, to study permit, to visa application, to getting settled in Canada etc., we will support you and ensure you enjoy a smooth and seamless experience. You can rely on our expertise. 

  • Cash Collateral

    You need a cash collateral of about C$8,000 to C$14,000 (depending on your program of choice) to access a loan of up to C$70,000 to fund your education in Canada. This loan serves as your proof of fund (PoF) for visa application.

  • George Brown College

    As the facility keeps expanding to accommodate more institutions and programs, only STEM, Skilled Trade and Healthcare programs in Geroge Brown College, Canada, are currently supported.

  • Interest and Pay Back

    The loan comes with a interest rate of about 11% to as low as 4%, depending on the collateral amount provided. The cash collateral you are required to provide is administered towards the repayment of your loan. The loan comes with a generous 7 years repayment period.


Easy Steps

It has never been this easy. From application to approval, complete the process in only few weeks.

Express your Interest and Schedule Consultation with our Team

We will provide you with detailed information, walk you through the process and attend to your queries.

Prepare Documents and Provide Collateral

When you decide to proceed, you will be required to provide all necessary documents and cash collateral to support your application.

Get Approval and Pack your Bags

Following approval of your applications, we will support you through all the processes from admission to study permit to visa application etc., until you successfully land in Canada.

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What you get from the Process.

These and more are what you get from undertaking your study journey with us. Take advantage of the process.

Guaranteed Admission

Through the help of our team in the application process, we will guarantee an increased chance of admission.

Proof of Fund

The loan will serve as the required Proof of Fund for your visa application, eliminating the need for additional funds.

Visa & Study Permit

With about 98% success rate, we will help you with your study permit and visa application.

Post Graduate Work Permit

You will have the opportunity to stay back to gain Canadian work experience after your study.


Let's Help You Achieve
Your Canadian Dream

From loan application to admission applications to visa and immigration processes, we can help you scale the hurdle and walk you to success. All you need do is initiate it.

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