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How to Move to Canada as a Caregiver in 2024: 8 Simple Steps

Looking to relocate to Canada and become a permanent resident in 2024, there’s an incredible opportunity awaiting you. The Home Care Provider Pilot is a game-changer, offering a direct path to permanent residency without the need for studying or securing an LMIA job. Heres how you can make this happen in 8 simple steps: Read- An overview of some Immigration programs available in Canada 1. Select the Right Program The first step is to choose between the Home Child Care Provider Pilot and the Home Support Worker Pilot. This choice should be based on your education and experience and should align with the National Occupation Classification Code (NOC) relevant to each program. 2. Choose the Correct Category There are two categories for these pilot programs: – Gaining Experience Category: For those with less than 12 months of work experience as a caregiver in Canada. – Direct to Permanent Residence Category: For those with 12 months or more of work experience. 3. Secure a Genuine and Valid Job Offer A valid job offer is a prerequisite for your application. Ensure the job is: – Full-time (at least 30 hours per week). – From a Canadian employer outside Quebec. – Not from a business, embassy, high commission, or consulate. – Matching the NOC code for the pilot you are applying for. 4. Demonstrate Your Credibility and Ability You need to gather evidence of your experience in the specified NOC occupation: – Home Child Care Provider (NOC 44100): Care must be provided in a private home, not in institutional settings, and cannot include experience as a foster parent. – Home Support Worker (NOC 44101): Care must be provided in a private home, not in institutional settings. 5. Language Proficiency You must take a language test and achieve a minimum language level of CLB5 in English or NLCL5 in French across all four language skills (writing, reading, listening, and speaking). 6. Meet the Education Requirements A completed post-secondary education credential of at least one year is mandatory. If your education is from outside Canada, you need to undergo an assessment to prove its equivalence to a Canadian post-secondary education credential. 7. Admissibility to Canada Ensure you meet health and security standards to be eligible to enter and stay in Canada. 8. Choose Your Permanent Residence Location Plan to live outside the province of Quebec to meet the specific requirements for caregiver visa holders. Application Process 1. Submit Applications: When you have a valid job offer, submit both a work permit application and a permanent residence application, paying the required fees for both. 2. Work Permit: If you meet the requirements, you will receive a work permit to work temporarily in Canada. This occupation-restricted open work permit allows you to work as a caregiver for any employer. 3. Gaining Experience: After gaining at least 12 months of eligible work experience in Canada, send proof of your work experience to IRCC. They will make the final decision on your permanent residence application. Additional Information 1- Family Members: Your family members are eligible to come to Canada with you and can apply for work or study permits. 2- Program Caps: The pilot programs have caps, and applications will be accepted starting January 1, 2024, until the caps are reached. Be prepared to apply as soon as the portal opens. 3- Application Fees: $1085 for processing and right of residence, $155 for a work permit, and $155 for each dependent child. Check for additional costs like medical exams, police certificates, language tests, and education assessments. Make sure you are well-prepared and ready to apply as soon as the program opens to increase your chances of success Also Read- Navigating The Canadian ImmigrationTop 5 mistakes to avoid . Let Worldbridge Immigration Services be your guide to a successful future in Canada  Contact us: Website: Email: Phone/WhatsApp: +1-416-727-7766 Social Media: @worldbridgeHQ


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