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How to Find Accommodation in Canada for International Students and New Immigrants

Securing suitable accommodation in Canada can be challenging, particularly for international students and new immigrants. This guide covers essential considerations, types of accommodation, and resources to help you find housing in Canada. Read-Benefits of studying in Canada Key Considerations for Finding Accommodation 1. Budget: Determine your affordable rent range and adhere to it. For students, shared accommodation is often more cost-effective. 2. Proximity: Select a location near your school, workplace, or public transportation to minimize commuting time. 3. Neighborhood: Investigate neighborhoods to find areas that match your lifestyle and safety preferences. 4. Furnishing: Decide whether you need a furnished or unfurnished place based on your situation and budget. 5. Utilities: Check if utilities are included in the rent, which can simplify budgeting, especially for students. Types of Accommodation 1. Shared Accommodation: Popular among students, shared accommodation involves renting a room in a house or apartment and sharing common areas like the kitchen and bathroom.    – Cost: $400 to $1,000 per month, depending on the city and type of shared space. 2. Condos: Self-contained units with private amenities like a kitchen and bathroom.    – Cost: Approximately $1,000 to $1,100 per month. 3. Apartments: Suitable for families, these range from high-rise buildings to smaller complexes.    – Cost: $1,200 to $1,500 for two bedrooms, $1,500 to $2,200 for three bedrooms. 4. Houses: Entire houses, often excluding the basement, are available for rent.    – Cost: $2,300 and above for a three-bedroom house. 5. Basements: Often rented separately, basements can be economical but may be colder in winter.    – Cost: Varies, often shared among tenants if rented by the room. How to Secure Accommodation 1. Use Trusted Websites:     – Kijiji: [](    – Facebook Marketplace    –    –    – 2. Book Temporary Housing First: Start with an Airbnb for your initial week to give yourself time to view potential rentals in person. 3. Network: Reach out to your network, including friends, family, and community groups. Churches and schools often have resources and recommendations for newcomers. 4. Avoid Scams: Never send money to a landlord without viewing the property in person. If you must arrange accommodation from abroad, use trusted contacts to view the property on your behalf. Viewing Tips 1. Surroundings: Check the cleanliness and safety of the neighborhood. 2. Interior Condition: Look for signs of leaks, rodent infestations, and overall maintenance. 3. Heating and Cooling: Verify that heating systems work well in winter and cooling systems are effective in summer. 4. Utilities: Understand how utilities are shared and billed. 5. Parking and Amenities: Confirm the availability of parking and other amenities. Lease Agreements 1. Lease Term: Most leases are for six months to a year. Ensure you understand the terms and conditions before signing. 2. Deposits: Be prepared to pay the first and last months rent upfront. Some landlords may also require a security deposit. 3. Legal Requirements: Familiarize yourself with local rental laws to avoid potential issues. Read- Rights and Responsibilties of New immigrants in canada Final Advice 1. Stay Within Budget: Choose an accommodation you can afford without straining your finances. 2. Use Your Network: Leverage your personal and community networks for recommendations and support. 3. Prioritize Comfort and Safety: Your living space significantly impacts your overall well-being. By following these guidelines, international students and new immigrants can find suitable accommodation in Canada, ensuring a smoother transition into their new environment. For more detailed advice and personal experiences, consider subscribing to relevant YouTube channels and online forums dedicated to newcomers in Canada. Let Worldbridge Immigration Services be your guide to a successful future in Canada  Contact us: Website: Email: Phone/WhatsApp: +1-416-727-7766 Social Media: @worldbridgeHQ

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